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Carpet cost: How much does carpet cost for residential carpet installation

how much does carpet cost

“How much does carpet cost?” is often questioned by many people who want to upgrade their living space with elegant, durable carpet, yet the answer for this is mostly cumbersome. In reality, before purchasing a carpet and installing it, most of us usually come around carpet selling stores or e-commerce websites, checking for the carpet price, bringing the best pricing deal back home and complete the installation. However, if we just checking the carpet price and neglecting other factors, your budget may be underestimated and the carpet may not persist as you desire.

To have a gain the best carpet within your budget, you should consider how long you would like to use the carpet, what type of your carpet and other installation-related expenses. This article will let you go thoroughly these factors.

How much does carpet cost: the price beak down

As you may know, installing a carpet into your home, apartment or office includes several substitutes, marking up the total installation cost. They are

Cost of the carpet

The cost for carpet is the most fluctuated components. You can get the carpet as cheap as $0.7 per square feet up to $5 per square feet. The carpet’s price will be depended upon the carpet’s origin, carpet’s pile fiber, carpet’s style, carpet’s quality, carpet’s longevity and promotion seasons. Before choosing the carpet, you should answer yourself these issues:

  • What type of carpet you prefer?
  • What is the approximate traffic frequency at the place where the carpet is intended to be placed on?
  • How long you would like to use the carpet?

Answering these issues will help you decide which type of carpet is the most suitable for you.

Type of carpet

There are a dozen type of carpet on the markets, and each type will have different woven texture, pile thickness and longevity. To keep it short, I just mention several representative types that are mostly used for residential and commercial flooring.

Residential grade carpet

Residential grade carpets refers to a wide array of textured flooring that are designated to use in apartments. These carpet could be woven by different styles, e.g looping or cutting pile, multi-level looping pile, mixing cut and looping piles and so on. They are advantaged at creating a diversity of texture, feeling, color but ideal for low and medium foot traffic only. In addition, carpet cleaning process could be different from one type to another. For some carpet type, further caring is needed to preserve the carpet as perfect as the first buying day.

Plush (Velvet styled carpet)

how much does carpet costAdvantages

This is one of the most popular carpets, using for formal rooms, living rooms and offices. It is featured by flat tile, smooth, mat and solid color, creating a dense luxurious feel and look. Mostly this type of carpet is made from nylon, polyester or other synthetic materials. The plush type carpet is easy for cleaning by either vacuum machine or carpet cleaning machine.

The normal price is about $1.5- $3 per sq ft.


The plush carpet will mostly leave footprints vacuum cleaning marks over it. Therefore, plush carpets are recommended for low traffic area only.

Textured Plush

how much does carpet costThis is a variation of plush carpet which has uneven tuft height, thus making the carpet to have a “texture”.


This carpet type will reduce the footprints and vacuum cleaning marks on it, therefore the carpet looks better. In addition, due to the different in texture, spot cleaning on this type of carpet is easier. This type of carpet is appropriate for whole house flooring.

The price is about $1.5-$3 per sq. ft, similar to normal plush one.


how much does carpet cost


Frieze carpet is woven by tightly twisted knots, creating a wiggly styled looking. This type of carpet is usually high-standard, tough, endurable and watermark resistant. There are several types of frieze carpets nowadays are soil resistant, wine resistant and color persisting for long time. This type of carpet is designated for heavy traffic zone, kid playground, office and other similar places.

The price is about $2-$5 per sq. ft, depending on the material types, twisted density (face weight is another similar measurement), brands and colors. The approximate price is

  • Nylon frieze carpet price: $3.50 sq/ft
  • Smart strand frieze carpet price: $3.00 sq/ft
  • PET Polyester frieze carpet price: $2.00 sq/ft
  • The cost is higher than plush type.
  • Product inconsistency is also another factor that you need to pay close attention. Within the same Frieze type, the product’s price is varied vastly. Normally the cheaper frieze carpet will have loosely twisted tufts and be manufactured by PET (which is not very endurable as nylon). If you are about to choose this frieze, making sure you do a bit of researches and ask the seller for details.
  • Washing this type of carpet also requires a bit more careful attention. Carpet cleaner with tough rotating brush can damage the fibers.

Berber (loop pile carpet)

hpw much does carpet costBerber carpet is another popular carpet type, characterized by its twisted tufts laying in rows, creating a very pleasant and neatly looking. This type of carpet is usually installed in living room, bedroom, and office since it creates a very subtle, comfortable yet firm look and feel. However, apartment with kids or pets should avoid using the Berber carpet because it could trap the dirt and soil heavily. Cleaning and repairing the Berber carpet is difficult than others to some degree.

  •    The price is normally around $2 per sq/ft.

As mentioned above, the Berber carpet once trapping dirt and stains, it is really hard to remove those stuffs.

Saxony carpet

how much does carpet costAdvantages

Saxony carpet is exclusively used in bedroom flooring, hotel’s deluxe rooms and others where an elegant, refined and soft flooring is needed. Saxony carpet is made by tightly twisted fibers with cut loop pile, bringing the superb soften feeling to our feet.

  • Price: The saxony carpet is often priced from $1 to $4 per sq/ft.

This type of carpet is only ideal for bedrooms, traditional theme rooms because it will leave footprints and vacuum marks over it. In case you are a true fan of saxony carpet and would like to use this type in other rooms (for example, living room), you should choose textured saxony carpet, which has the carpet piles laying in different directions and resulting in hiding footprints and vacuum marks better.

Commercial grade carpet

commercial grade carpetCommercial grade carpet refers to those for industrial flooring, especially for heavy traffic area such as offices, renting room, dormitory, hotel, school, airport and so on. These types are usually made by nylon, olefin (polypropylen or PP) or vinyl composite threads, twisting tightly together to create either plush-like or tiny-loop carpets. Because the woven style is very neat, these commercial grade carpets are very durable, stain resistant and easier for cleaning and maintenance.

  • The price of commercial grade carpet will be around $1- $2 per sq/ft.

Note: this article is exclusively discuss about residential carpet installation cost. Commercial grade carpet will be addressed in another article.

How long you would like to use the carpet?

For some people, using an area carpet for five years is quite adequate and for some others will require a lifelong carpet using. Obviously the better quality carpet, together with proper care will let you enjoy using the carpet up to decades; the carpet price therefore is much higher and vice versa.

In order to determine the carpet longevity, there are two factors you would need to think of in advance:

Foot traffic frequency

If you are about to use the carpet to cover a low traffic zone such as bedroom, dining room or so, you can go after a wide spectrum of residential carpet designs. With proper installation and caring, your carpet could last for 10 years even with the regular carpet one.

Carpet quality

Which is mostly defined by carpet face weight (how much the material is used per square yard, measured in ounce). The higher the face weight, the better the carpet will be. Normally, this value will range from 40 oz to 62 oz. For simplifying, instead of asking the face weight value, buyers will visually judge the carpet by looping density. The thicker the looping piles means the higher face weight.

In addition, carpet fiber’s material is also an important factor influencing to the carpet longevity. As you may know, the carpet made by nylon is the most durable, flexible and higher quality, compared with other synthetic fibers, and obviously it is the most expensive carpet type among others. The table below illustrates several fiber types and their characteristics.

how much does carpet cost

Understanding your carpet materials will let you judge the carpet performance in reality.

How much should we spend on the carpet?

Carpet is already a common commodity therefore its price is well defined into segments. Knowing the market price as well as the carpet’s characteristics will help you to bargain the best deal with your supplier.

If you intend to cover the floor with reasonably-priced carpet, here is several information of the carpet cost that will fit to your requirements.

  • Carpet price: $0.8-$2.7 per sq/ft.
  • The carpet is mostly made by relatively “OK” materials such as nylon, smartstrands, PTT.  The woven tufts (twisted density) is also not high (ranging from 30-40 ounce per sq. yard of carpet face weight).
  • With this price, there are limited woven style such as plush, textured plush, Berber, cut pile, sanofy and some others.
  • Lifespan of the carpet will be around 5-10 years, depending on the traffic and carpet care.

On the other hand, if you would like to purchase a high-end, great quality carpet with stain resistant, anti-soiling and other features, you would need a more expensive carpet.

  • Carpet price: $2.7-$5.0 per sq/ft.
  • The carpet is mostly made from highly durable fibers such as nylon, Triessta, Bliss nylon, DuPont’s nylons and so on. The carpet face weight is also heavier, mostly from 40-60 ounce per sq. yard.
  • With this choice, there are dozens of woven styles for you to select. Frieze cut Berber, plush, textured plush, saxony, loop pile, Berber and more.
  • Proper caring and washing will enable the high-quality carpet to last over decades.

 Carpet installation cost

If you could do the job yourself so you may ignore the installation cost. But in many cases, we need the service to help us putting the padding on the floor, sticking the carpet on it and contouring with splints. The approximate carpet installing cost will be $1 per feet, with padding and labor included.

However, please pay attention if the services have some other hidden costs that will mark up into total installation bill, such as inspection cost, relocating the carpet, surfacing cost, old carpet removal cost, transportation cost, free installation promotion (but can just apply to a very tiny room) and other “inventive” fees. Make sure to discuss all of the possible ideas to get the best deal with the services.

Cost of equipment

Ridiculously, some carpet installation services charge the installation equipment for working efficiency, such as carpet edge trimmer, hot melt seaming tools and others.


There is really no absolute answer for the question “How much does the carpet cost” because there are a lot of factors getting into the game. Rather, you should understand several aspects of the carpet pricing like material, lifespan, carpet face weight before purchasing the carpet to get the most suitable carpet for your purposes. Besides, you should remember the general installation cost is about $1 per feet, but discuss details with your service suppliers to clarify everything to avoid overpay. The better planning for your carpet installation, the better carpet you will have under your budget control.

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