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Hoover Introduction

Hoover company was a traditional floor care manufacturer, started over 100 years which the first base in North Canton, Ohio. The company spreads out its business to major parts of UK and Ireland. Nowadays, Hoover was split and acquired by several corporations, such as Techtronic Industries (USA) and Candy (Italy). In the United Kingdom, Hoover was a replaced pronoun for vacuum cleaners because this brand name has dominated the vacuum industry for over years. Some British even use Hoover as a verb, meaning vacuum, clean (Wikipedia.com, Hoover website).

Taking about carpet cleaner industry, Hoover gains astounding public attention for their upright carpet cleaner’s performance. It was one of the biggest manufacturers in the carpet cleaner business, battling with other rivals such as Bissell, Rug Doctor. Hoover wins the markets by offering well designed, functional carpet cleaners with lower pricing strategies, comparing with Bissell or Rug Doctor (in the same product line). On Amazon.com, there are several products from Hoover that stay at top 1 best seller, such as Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150 model or Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914900. Most of Hoover’s carpet cleaners received over 2,000 customer reviews on amazon.com solely, ranking them from 4 stars to 4.5 stars in average.

Hoover products

Hoover provides flooring care with 4 main product groups that suitable with every floor cleaning needs. They are

Group 1: Hoover Vacuum cleaners

There are other sub-groups

Cordless vacuum: these vacuums are featured by its maneuverability, lightweight and long lasting battery for approximately 30 minute cleaning without re-charging. The cordless vacuum is suitable for daily cleaning jobs. Pricing ranges from $100- $300.

Bagless vacuum: these types of vacuums are characterized by the dirt storage bucket. They do not use the bag for dirt collection, but rather a cup is installed at the bottom and we could see what we have picked up before disposing. Sometimes, the pricing range is also from $100 -$300.

Bagged vacuum: a counter design vacuum. Mostly these vacuums use HEPA bag (which can retain the tiny allergen at 0.3 micron in diameter) for storing the dust, pet’s hair and pollens, releasing the fresh air only. These models are best suited for pet owners and allergic people. Price is usually from $140-$300.

Canister vacuum: are those versatile models coming with hoses and attachments, which will allow a maneuverable cleaning under furniture, upholstery, mattress, floor, carpet, ceiling fan and so on. They are easy to use and to store, with moderate pricing from $100-$250.

Stick vacuum: is a replaceable cleaning tool for broom. It works as if a broom with small suction to lift up and remove the dust. The stick vacuum is small, lightweight and low power, therefore it could not be treated as full size vacuum. There price is about $80-$150.

Hand vacuum: Hoover hand’s vacuum allows corner’s cleaning up easier. They are cordless, easy to use and to move around, pricing around $130.

Group 2. Hoover carpet cleaners (or sometimes called Hoover Shampooer)

Unlike Bissell or Rug Doctor, all of Hoover shampooers are coming with upright design. There are 9 models, grouping into three sub-group that cater from occasional carpet cleaning tasks to residential and commercial cleaning duties. Hoover currently does not have any canister carpet cleaner.

For [su_highlight background=”#e8e68a”]regular, adequate cleaning task[/su_highlight]: Hoover provides the [su_highlight background=”#e8e68a”]SteamVac model[/su_highlight] line

Hoover SteamVac cleaning with Surge, F5914900 model:

The Hoover SteamVac cleaning with Surge, F5914900 is the very first model of Hoover carpet cleaner appeared on the market. It is featured by efficient cleaning performance, light-weight, easy-to-use and very affordable (on amazon.com it is [su_highlight background=”#e8e68a”]only about $100[/su_highlight], check the best deal here). If you do not care for updating, exclusive and smart feature, this model could be a great bargain. You could check the full review of this model here.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner, F5810 model:

This model is equipped with 7.1 amps. The Motor and two brushing systems create a deep cleaning and fast drying capability. It is also lightweight, easy to use and affordable (about $140, check the current price on amazon.com here).

   The weak points of SteamVac models are:

  • Confused branding: these products have not had a “Steaming function” or “Water heating function” either, yet they are branded as “SteamVac”. We therefore should boil the water separately before adding into the reservoir.
  • Adequate cleaning: these models are most fit with regular cleaning. For heavy duty cleaning tasks, most of users find them more or less invaluable.
  • Spot pre-treatment needed: These models could work well on dust, for stains, pet’s urine, food stains,…, pre-treating is always needed for achieve a complete cleaning.

For [su_highlight background=”#e8e68a”]regular cleaning tasks with updating features[/su_highlight]: Hoover offers 5 models

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150 model:

Hoover-Power-Scrub-Deluxe-Carpet-Washer-FH50150This model is [su_highlight background=”#e8e68a”]Hoover’s best seller[/su_highlight], gaining over 3,000 customer’s review on Amazon.com barely. On major consumer’s research institution, this model is rated as “[su_highlight background=”#e8e68a”]the best all-in-one carpet cleaner[/su_highlight]”, “the consumer’s best choice” (consumerresearch.com). This carpet cleaner is featured by its modern technologies as well as superior cleaning performance. It is lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-install, and especially equipped with Rinsing Only function that allowing carpet cleaning at the end without refilling fresh water needed. The carpet cleaner can also perform on dynamic surface area, such as carpet, rug, upholstery, car detailing, stair and others by using attachments and hand tools provided in the selling package. Compared with SteamVac, this model gives better cleaning experience and carpet drying time goes faster twice. The product is quite affordable, just about $100 only.

[su_button url=”https://carpetcleaningreview.com/hoover-power-scrub-deluxe-carpet-washer/” background=”#65a4e9″]Check the full review here[/su_button] [su_button url=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009ZJ2M7G/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B009ZJ2M7G&linkCode=as2&tag=carpetclea026-20&linkId=KWI3NIIK7RU7HLGW%22%3EHoover%20Power%20Scrub%20Deluxe%20Carpet%20Washer,%20FH50150%3C/a%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=carpetclea026-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B009ZJ2M7G” background=”#65a4e9″]Check the recent price here[/su_button]

 Power Path® Pro Advanced Carpet Cleaner:

hoover power path pro reviewsWhy is it called Power Path Pro? Because the cleaning row width of this model is extended up to 13 inches. Normally, the standard nozzle width is 11.25 inches only, this model therefore will let you clean the spacious room with less effort. Possessed similar functions like Power Scrub model, the Power Path® Pro Advanced Carpet Cleaner is easy-to-use and to set up, Rinse Only function and equipped with heating water technology and double brushes. The model is quite affordable now ( some months ago, it is priced at $200 but right now it is only about $110). The minus point is that this model seems to be noisy to several users so please check the machine’s performance sound if you are ok with it

[su_button url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ougfjSA_aSM” background=”#65a4e9″]sample video of machine performance is here[/su_button]

[su_button url=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N1XCA8S/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00N1XCA8S&linkCode=as2&tag=carpetclea026-20&linkId=DRPHEHUEFW2BP3DM%22%3EHoover%20Power%20Path%20Pro%20Advanced%20Carpet%20Cleaner,%20FH51102PC%3C/a%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=carpetclea026-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00N1XCA8S” background=”#65a4e9″]Check the recent price here[/su_button]

Power Path® Deluxe Carpet Cleaner, Model # FH50951

hoover carpet cleaner reviewsThe power Path Deluxe is a lean, compacted design compared with its counterpart Power Path® Pro Advanced Carpet Cleaner. As might be expected, the cleaning row width of this model is 11.25 inches and the water tank capacity is smaller (0.75 oz, compared with the pro version is 1 oz). This model is therefore suitable for small area cleaning task. The model could function wells on a wide array of fabrics, such as carpet, rug, upholstery, mattress and so, but seems failed to work on thick berber carpet, as reviewed by several buyers. Actually, berber carpet and other thick carpet could trap the water heavily, therefore cleaning these decorative, elegant carpets must go along with tricks and tips. The advantage of this model is that it is not so noisy during working and the price is under $100. So it might be one the best deal in terms of cheap upright carpet cleaner.

[su_button url=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009ZJ2M7G/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B009ZJ2M7G&linkCode=as2&tag=carpetclea026-20&linkId=MCGOQRBVL4VWX3GV%22%3EHoover%20Power%20Scrub%20Deluxe%20Carpet%20Washer,%20FH50150%3C/a%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=carpetclea026-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B009ZJ2M7G” background=”#65a4e9″]Check the current price here[/su_button]

Hoover Dual Power™ Carpet Cleaner, Model # FH50900

Hoover carpet cleaner reviewsThe Dual Power™ Carpet Cleaner, Model # FH50900 is an exclusive carpet cleaner model that you can only ordered via TV selling ads, equally meaning that online retails do not have this products therefore it’s a little bit cumbersome to review. There are only a few notices that this model is equipped with a low amps powered motor (only 6 amps) compared with Hoover’s other products which is mostly 12 amps motor. As a result, the suction ability could be weaker. In addition, this is perhaps the lightest upright carpet cleaner ever on the market, which is weighted at 14 pounds (empty) and currently priced at $99 on Hoover.com.

The Dual Power has recently updated 2 upstream versions, they are Hoover Dual Power Max® Carpet Washer, Model # FH51000 ($180 on Hoover.com) and Dual Power™ Pro Carpet Cleaner, Model FH51200 ($207 on amazon.com).

These two models are featured by extending nozzle width, 13 inches and 15 inches respectively. Another interesting feature is “heat activated drying technology”, which accelerates carpet drying times in less than an hour, reported by several users on amazon’s customer review section.  These two models are suitable for spacious rooms, hotel, villas, meeting venue,…, where a large carpet area must be cleaned and then used right away. They are also equipped with other attachments and hand-tools for personal customization too.

For nearly-[su_highlight background=”#e8e68a”]professional carpet cleaning [/su_highlight]performance, Hoover offers [su_highlight background=”#e8e68a”]Max-Extract[/su_highlight] line, which provides deep cleaning results parallel to rental units. The Max-Extract has four versions:

Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner, F7412900

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner, F7412900 model received public compliments for outstanding cleaning results. About 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon.com solely rated this model 4,2 over 5 stars quality. A lot of new techniques has been applied to Max-Extract line such as bristle cleaning, Dual-V, spinning brushes, powerful motor (12 amps.), heated cleaning and others, bringing this model the beast of home carpet cleaner. The price is affordable ($130 only) also making this model a sweet-pot to many buyers.

[su_button url=”https://carpetcleaningreview.com/hoover-maxextract-dual-v-carpet-cleaner-f7412-900/” background=”#65a4e9″]Check the full review here[/su_button] [su_button url=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0013YPWE6/ref=as_li_tl ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0013YPWE6&linkCode=as2&tag=carpetclea026-20&linkId=TEIVVBN6ACFSRW7W%22%3EHoover%20Max%20Extract%20Dual%20V%20WidePath%20Carpet%20Cleaner,%20F7412900%3C/a%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=carpetclea026-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0013YPWE6″ background=”#65a4e9″]Check the recent price here[/su_button]

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220

Hoover-MaxExtract-60-PressurePro-Carpet-Cleaner-FH50220Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220 is specialized to clean the carpets, rugs and upholstery thoroughly. This model is convinced by its durability, superb deep cleaning performance, ability to remove toughest stains. Compared with the Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner, F7412900 model, this product is more expensive ($170, you could check the deal here on Amazon.com) and does not have 3-speed brush-roll control. However, its lighter in weight (only 21.9 lbs) so this model is perhaps better for those with multi-floor cleaning and ladies. Overall, the cleaning performance result of both models is quite parallel.

[su_button url=”https://carpetcleaningreview.com/hoover-max-extract-60-review/” background=”#65a4e9″]Check the full review here[/su_button] [su_button url=”http://a-fwd.com/asin-com=B0043VSR8E&sc=w” background=”#65a4e9″]Check the recent price here[/su_button]

A using instruction of the Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220 can be found here: Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220

Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner

carpet cleaner reviewThis model is somehow similar to Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro, in terms of overall deep cleaning performance. Additionally, the Max Extract 77 are updated with two functions: auto-rinse (one stroke forward, the machine will do cleaning, one stroke backward, the machine will wash your carpet), hard floor cleaning ability. The machine is currently priced at $240 (check the newest deal here on amazon.com), which is $70 more than 60 Pressure Pro version. Users mostly find these two products are interchangeable, similar in function and since the 77 Multi-Surface Pro is more expensive, they often choose the 60 Pressure Pro for the best value.

[su_button url=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0045I8E4M/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0045I8E4M&linkCode=as2&tag=carpetclea026-20&linkId=NX7Q5EP3VRLIBR5B%22%3EHoover%20Max%20Extract%2077%20Multi-Surface%20Pro%20Carpet%20&%20Hard%20Floor%20Deep%20Cleaner,%20FH50240%3C/a%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22http://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=carpetclea026-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0045I8E4M” background=”#65a4e9″]Check the recent price here[/su_button]

Hoover top rating products

In every category, Hoover has its best weapon to win the market. They are products with best price, efficient cleaning, and some products are updated with new technologies for faster drying, better stain removal, deeper cleaning and so on. Among dozens of upright carpet cleaners, this Hoover shampooers that win top rating, by professionals and experienced users. It is Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150 model

  • Best seller in Carpet & Upholstery Equipment, Amazon.com. There are 3,000 reviews on this product on amazon.com.
  • Best “all-in-one” carpet cleaner in Hoover.com website.
  • 4,5 over 5 stars rated on Bestbuy.com by 700 buyers.
  • Best reviewed carpet cleaner on consumersearch.com


  • Across several online stores such as Hoover.com, Amazon.com, Bestbuy.com, Homedepot.com, Walmart.com and others, Amazon.com always give the lowest price and free shipping. Therefore, it is recommended to buy on amazon.com for better deal if you are about to go getting one.
  • To gain the best review of this product as well as the customer practical using tips, you could go here for more information.

Hoover post selling services

Customer service is an integral importance of any company. Once buyers have dealing with product’s using and repairing, buyers mostly seek for the support from the brand. With Hoover, the customer services are quite moderate, mentioned by several buyers. Here are Hoover’s service pros and cons


  • Hoover has complete information about their products, product’s specification and using manual on their website. On youtube.com, they have a Hoover channel that support several troubleshooting instructions that user find handy.
  • Hoover has the sale assistance to answer customer’s issues on their website, on amazon.com and in private mail box. You can reach them via live chat or toll number 800 944 9200.
  • Their employees are kind in answering manner, mentioned by a lot of buyers.


  • They seemed to react slowly in resolving customer’s issues, compared with Bissell’s team.
  • The post-service consultants can’t give the complete, exact direction to buyers.
  • There are several models that the spare parts could not be found in any store. Therefore, once the model is defective, there will be no solution.
  • Many people find that, despite Hoover’s products are quite good, but the post-selling service is truly terrible. In compared with Bissell, Hoover needs to improve their service in many aspects.

hoover shampooer


Hoover attracts us by their diversified products with a better price than any other brands on the market. Some of their products are exclusively rated at the very best criteria, in both functional features and pricing deal. Therefore, Hoover, even the customer service is a pain point, still earning a lot of buyer’s compliments on the products itself.

Hoover shampooer named Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150 model is the best rated one, among hundred carpet cleaners on amazon.com. If you are thinking of a carpet cleaner with optimal cleaning results and price, this could be a perfect choice.


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