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Hoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Washer FH51102 Review


Last Updated: 30th June 2017

The Hoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Cleaner leverages Hoover’s upright carpet cleaning machine to a new performance level. This carpet cleaner really makes your carpet clean up thanks to the combination of a Spinning brush system and a powerful rotating “brush-roll”. This efficient design allows the machine to pick up the embedded dirt, grime in terribly dirty carpet, and to clean the hard floors easily with an attached squeegee. If you are serious on true deep cleaning, you can’t go wrong with this carpet cleaner.

Bringing you a whole new level of deep cleanHoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Cleaner ReviewHooverPowerPathProCarpetWasher

The Hoover Power Path Pro combines two powerful scrubbing systems to bring you a whole new level of deep clean. With fantastic features including the rotating brush roll and the spin scrub technology, the Power Path Pro has no difficulty in lifting and removing tough stains.

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Features & Benefits

Deep cleaning the tough stainsHooverPowerPathProupholstery

The Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Washer FH51102  is able to remove the tough stains by the brushing dynamic design. This carpet cleaner comes with a rotating brush system and a rotating brushroll, creating a maximal dirt removal effect (DualTech technology).

Powerful motor

This carpet cleaner uses a powerful motor of 10 amperage. Most of full-size carpet cleaner from Hoover uses this type of motor for an efficient deep cleaning and better water suction ability.

Wide cleaning path width

This upright carpet cleaner is equipped with 13 inches Dual V Nozzle which is detachable, let the cleaning task can be done faster than other normal carpet cleaner. While regular upright carpet cleaner is equipped with 11 inches brush, the 13 inches brush will let us clean a wider area in a single stroke. The Dual V Nozzle allows even edge-to-edge cleaning.

XL water tank size for less changing water tripHooverPowerPathProReviewtank

This Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Washer FH51102 uses a 1 Gallon dual water tank. For an upright carpet cleaner, a water tank size of 0.75-1 Gallon suffices for a big room cleaning (10 x 12 ft.) without changing water needed. Actually, this is the second largest’s tank that Hoover uses in their carpet cleaner design.


The machine comes along with 8 ft. hose tool, upholstery tool for stair and upholstery cleaning. Besides, you can also clean the tile or the wooden floor by using a detachable squeegee. This is the rare upright carpet cleaner that has a squeegee in the attachment package on the market so far. Last but not least, you will get 16 oz. cleaning solution in the selling package.

Faster carpet drying time and easier to handle

The combination of Heated drying * technology with Dual Tank technology makes the carpet drying time faster than other regular upright carpet cleaner, and it is very convenient to fill, empty and refill the water tank. The Heated drying technology will apply hot air and hot water to the carpet and this is evinced to remove the dirt better and to improve the carpet drying time up to 2 folds compared with normal carpet cleaner (* do not misunderstand between Heated drying and Inbuilt heater. The inbuilt heater will heat the water by the carpet cleaner itself, while the heated drying technology will only apply hot air if you fill the water tank with tepid water). The Dual Tank technology separates recovery water tank and clean water tank, this makes it is easier for us to clean the water tank after all.

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Ready to work after unboxing

If you are not quite mechanically minded, the fully assembled carpet cleaner is a useful feature for you because you actually do not need to worry any technical details and misunderstanding in the setting up. You can watch this short video to see how the machine works in reality.


The Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Washer FH51102  is only 19 lbs. (when empty).

Wash and rinse function

The Wash and rinse function let you to select to wash or rinse the carpet in just a switch button. You do not need to change the water to rinse the carpet after washing it.

Compact size

The product dimension: 15.1 x 13.5 x 44.5 inches.


The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Performance Review

Cleaning performance of the carpet cleaner

This carpet cleaner can work on different types of surfaces. On the tile, users commented that the squeegee works quite well on the tile without much effort needed. The only thing that should be aware of, you should squeeze the trigger to dispense the cleaning solution once the tile is dry up for a better stain removal. Overall, the tile is dry faster than any mop on the market.

On the carpet, you just need to remove the squeegee and repeat the same process. Some users even claimed this Hoover carpet cleaner could bring parallel cleaning results to professional services.

Cleaning results from a customer on amazon

Hoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Washer FH51102

Fast carpet drying time

If you are more serious on using the carpet immediately, the carpet fast drying time is a factor you should consider.

Commented by many users, this carpet cleaner provides the carpet drying time comparable to Hoover Max Extract 60 Pro, which is reported to be dried completely in about a few hours.

As far as we have seen, only Hoover Max Extract models could give such fast drying time but they are generally more expensive than the The Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Washer. Therefore, this is an advantage for a decent price carpet cleaner.

New technology application

This model uses a special type of brush. The DualTech brushing system employs multiple brushing systems that work on different dimensions; this eventually creates a better dirt extraction effect.

Besides, this is also the rare upright carpet cleaner that is fully assembled. Although other carpet cleaners just require a few simple steps to install their components, this machine will let you treat the carpet immediately after buying.

Bigger water tank size

The XL water tank (1 Gallon) is bigger than other Hoover’s power path carpet cleaner 25%. The bigger water tank size is more convenient when you need to clean extra room.

Noise level

Some users complained that this carpet cleaner create a lot of noise during working, but noise is always a subjective opinion because it depends a lot on each user. However, it is recommended that you should check the carpet cleaner noise level before buying, to make sure the noise is ok for your ear.


The Hoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Washer FH51102 is arguably to be one of the best Hoover regular Carpet Cleaner so far. With newer design and technologies apply, the carpet cleaning machine bring a satisfied cleaning performance to many buyers. Some users commented, this product is somehow parallel to a Bissell 1548 Pet Full-size Carpet Cleaner model in terms of cleaning results. However, the new design makes this product more attractive to some users. This carpet cleaner is suitable for those require a deep cleaning result from a regular upright carpet cleaner for various cleaning purposes.

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