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Top five features you need to look in a commercial cleaning service

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Commercial cleaning service is everywhere

  • Tired of doing chores?
  • A massive place needed cleaning?
  • Time is already planned for other activities?
  • ……………………………………………………………………

       There are thousands of reasons people find it is more convenient to rent a commercial cleaning service to treat their living place, instead of spending precious time for doing chores. Whether you are so busy or you require an outstanding cleaning result in a blink, commercial cleaning services nationwide with be available for you just by a few clicks on google. However, it is quite important that you need to review carefully the servicers, to avoid disqualified companies that earns your cash and leaving your places with a so-so cleaning results. Here are the top five features you should research your servicers beforehand

Cost related factors

        This includes their offered price for a square feet, their quoting price for a normal house and their minimum order (the least money you need to spend for their one-time service).  Many of the commercial cleaning services offer the price per square feet ranging from 0.20 cents, and offer cleaning service as low as $70, whereas others will offer at a higher rate, like 0.40 cents/ sq.ft and only work at $125 per time.

       To this aspect, Carpet Cleaning Pro is one of the cheapest cleaning services on the market yet their cleaning performance receives positive feedback for over a decade (this company was also among top five best cleaning service on the market, reviewed by consumer review companies)

Cleaning capabilities

       This refer to the service ability to perform different cleaning abilities including pet urine and odor removal, carpet deodorization, stain protectant, green cleaning products usage, water restoration and 24-hour emergency reaction. Please advise carefully if your service provider could perform these functions that could help you to earn the most benefits from them.

      Noticeably, only a few commercial cleaning service could handle fire damaged area on the market, therefore if you have this issue, you need to ask specifically (as far as recognized, there are three brands that could provide such kinds of cleaning, namely Coit, Chem-Dry and Stainley Steamer).

     A worthy note is that many commercial cleaners promote their services all the years by giving coupons and hot deals. Ask directly the service providers to get the deal.

Additional cleaning surfaces

     Cleaning narrow areas and different types of surfaces ability from the cleaning service is another crucial factor you should look for. There are some special places in your apartments or offices that needed professional treatment, such as rugs, air ducts and other vents, leather, hardwood floor, curtains and so on. Luckily, most of the commercial cleaner could provide that such kinds of cleaning, just ask them and how they quote their price for these adding cleaning tasks.

    Some professional cleaning services out there could restore the scrapping and old leather furniture by color restoration service. Chem-Dry excels others companies in this very specific treatments. They stock over 60 main pigments that normally used for leather tanning which let them to easily recover your leather furniture with matching old colors.

Commercial carpet cleaning abilities

    Most of the service providers offer parallel cleaning results regarding cleaning carpet, some even can recover your damaged carpets causing by fire.

    In addition, carpet drying time is also an important factor that we need to look for. Generally, the drying time will be around 4 hours. In case you want the drying time faster than normal, check for Oxi-Fresh, the brand well-known by extra fast drying time service, which is about 1 hour.

Service availability

    You have found the best service, yet unfortunately the company is not in your town yet. Ask you service providers if they could work in your place, how to reach them, is it supportive to make cleaning appointment via website, email, call or any mean.

   There is a short-checklist that enables you to survey your commercial cleaning service providers in this link. You could easily ask your service providers to help you gain more information on their service, then make the final decision in a breeze.


Commercial cleaning services

Cost Estimation1: company A2: company B3: company C4: company D
Per square feet
Minimum Order
Cleaning capabilities
Pet Urine/ Odor removal
Stain protectant
Carpet Deodorization
Green Products
24-hour emergency treatment
Rug cleaning
Tile and gout cleaning
Air Duct and Vents cleaning
Leather cleaning
Leather recovery
Curtain cleaning
Commercial carpet cleaning
Service in town already
Appointment options

In short, a commercial cleaning service will be a lucrative option when you have a sum of money but little time to spend for doing cleaning tasks. However, if you want to DIY to clean your lovely living place, check the carpet-cleaning-tips to gain simple tips to make your cleaning time easier.

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