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Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners in 2018


Commercial carpet cleaner for home users- top rated machines with powerful cleaning performance, affordable price and endurable for years.

In recent years, commercial carpet cleaning machine has brought a lot of home owner attention who require the utmost cleaning performance result comparable with those from rental services. In addition, this model line also captured many other audiences such as office cleaning services, school and restaurant cleaning teams, hospital cleaning crews and so on. These machines have been a sweet spot that not only provide excellent cleaning capacity but more affordable and easy to use than those of professional line.

Commercial carpet cleaners vs. regular carpet cleaners: side-by-side comparisons

Machine cleaning performance

Bringing higher standards of cleaning than regular carpet cleaners, the commercial carpet cleaners excel in deep cleaning performance, worst stain removal, pet hair removal, stable design and long lasting lifespan with minimum defects possible. Certain designs include a wide array of cleaning tools that allow the machine to work perfectly on different surfaces: carpets, rugs, mats, hard floor, upholstery, car carpets and so on.


Despite the fabulous performance, these commercial carpet cleaners are best for serious duty cleaning job, which eventually make the machine designs are quite heavy. Just a quick glance, the commercial carpet cleaning machine (e.g. Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner, FH50240) from Hoover: 14 kilograms; Rug Doctor Mighty 3X: 16 kilograms and Green Clean from Bissell or more than 19 kilograms. Therefore, considering carefully if you need a frequent cleaning of multiple floors, this would be your biggest disadvantage.


Worth taking our attention is the pricing. The commercial cleaners are priced at the high end of the market, which normally goes from 200 bucks up to 500 bucks, depending on the brands. Hoover always sells their products at a lower price in any category, compared with Bissell and Rug Doctor.


  1. Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner, FH50240 is currently sold at $199.99 (Hoover brand) (click on the title to check the recent price)
  2. BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner, 86T3/86T3Q is delivered at $395.66 (Bissell brand)
  3. And Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is $399 (Rug Doctor)

Is commercial carpet cleaning machine a worthy investment for home users

In certain conditions, commercial grade carpet cleaners are of the best choice of home users, these are:

  • Requiring the best cleaning performance, easy-to-use and defective free machines.
  • Be affordable: to invest from 200 bucks to 400 bucks for a worthy cleaning equipment for long terms.
  • A large area with frequent traffic that need constant cleaning: shopping mall, hotel rooms, restaurants, schools, big villas, hospitals and other endless places. The commercial cleaning machines will be a time saving in compared with regular cleaning machine.
  • Be scared with product’s durability / dysfunctional happening. It was reported that commercial carpet cleaners are of the least models having defective errors during using lifespan.
  • Never mind of workmanship. If you do not need to bring the machine upstairs/ downstairs or you can think of cleaning duty as a form of exercise, the machine weight will never be a problem.

Top three commercial grade carpet cleaning machine 2016 reviews

A more in depth review of each model could be helpful for you to select which commercial carpet cleaner best suit with your cleaning conditions. 

1. Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner, FH50240

Hoover Max Extract 77 is the commercial cleaning tool that satisfy a lot of key requirements from customers, and this is the best seller one on commercial carpet steamer directory on

carpet cleaner review

Key features:

* Offer the highest cleaning performance by incorporating a pool of Hoover’s cleaning technologies:

* Counter rotating brushing system with different cleaning force vibrates extracts and removes the worst staining spots.

* Multi-surfaces cleaning ability

* Lightest weight in on the market

* Cheapest price compared with other products in commercial cleaning line.

* Heated cleaning with auto-rinse function will clean and dry the carpet shortly.

[su_button url=”,%20FH50240%3C/a%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22” background=”#65a4e9″]A full review of this model can be found here[/su_button]


2.Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 was a well-branded product line from Rug Doctor. It is not arrogant to say that one in third commercial carpeting cleaning experts will advise us this is the most worthy model to buy. The product line provides three specialized designs for different target buyers, including Family Pack, Pet Pack and Carpet Cleaner, which have most of the same features.

commercial carpet cleaner review

Key features

* Brushing design is completely different with Hoover and Bissell. Rather than using spinning brushes on rollers, Rug Doctor Mighty 3X employ a so called “vibrated brushes” that get in between carpet fibers and remove dirt, irritants and pet stains effectively.

* Easy to use machine

* Built-to last: 5 years warranty gives us the confidence to invest a pro machine at home

* Heaviest in the product line

* Expensive: for Family Pack and Pet Pack, these products are priced at 399 bucks and the Carpet Cleaner design will cost 460 bucks to have one.

A full review of this model can be found here: Family Pack, Pet PackCarpet Cleaner

3. Bissell BigGreen Commercial Deep Cleaning

    Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning line was of the best choice as commercial cleaner over past five years. This product line have 2 options: home user type and business type that fits regular home cleaning requirements and business cleaning profession, respectively. Both designs have some similar features:

Key features:

* With 2 motor powers, the Big Green products perform excellently on cleaning results, which is comparable with other rental carpet cleaners and exceeded upright deep cleaning models.

* Easy to use, no assembling step

* Stable and endurable: the machine will hardly ever have any defective errors like other lines: mostly no breaking parts, no leaking water tanks, no paralyzed brushes.

* A little bit more expensive (399 bucks)

* A full review of this model can be found here


In a nutshell, commercial carpet cleaner for home users will bring another cleaning concept to us which apparently satisfy any fastidious customers. Even upright carpet cleaners could easily provide the utmost cleaning results, these commercial lines is a favor tool of users for over decades, which was demonstrated by selling quantities and applauded comments from the crowd.

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