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Carpet cleaning price: How much does it cost to rent a professional carpet cleaning service

carpet cleaning price

   Carpet cleaning price of a professional cleaning service is perhaps one of the most important factor that we need to consider before hiring, along with other factors such as cleaning abilities, additional cleaning tasks and service supports. Reported by after their intensive investigation on 25,680 cost profiles, the median carpet cleaning price in the US is ranging from $120-$236.

carpet cleaning cost

    The total carpet cleaning cost depends on a lot of attributes. This article will discuss those factors, letting you to decide whether hiring a professional carpet cleaner for all the cleaning process is the best deal, or working on your own in smaller cleaning task is more lucrative.

After reading this article, you can get the knowledge of

  1. The factors influence to the professional carpet cleaning price
  2. The benchmark of the cleaning cost, how to reduce the cleaning cost
  3. DIY carpet cleaning, if you are going to make cleaning carpet as a home joyful project, there are several tips for you.

Let’s start!


Why we must hire a professional carpet cleaner

   It is recommended tremendously by experts that our carpets need to be cleaned at least one per year (ideally 12 months – 18 months, the carpet should be cleaned thoroughly). People with allergies and pet owners will need a more regular cleaning frequency. The reason is because the carpet, upholstery, fabrics surfaces and such covered layers will embed the dust, dirt, moisture, bacteria, pollen, etc., which is the origin of sickness. Personal cleaning is effective, but for the big carpet or high foot traffic area, personal cleaning alone can’t remove effectively the dirt. In some cases, home owners leave excessive residual water in the carpet (they are unable to remove trapped water due to lacking of machines mostly), resulting in mold proliferations. That’s why in certain situations, renting a professional carpet cleaning service becomes the only choice.

How does the professional carpet cleaning service calculate the cost

The carpet cleaning service will base on mainly four factors to quote the cleaning cost to us

  • Size of the cleaning area
  • The cleaning method
  • The carpet type
  • The extra-cleaning requirements (spot removal, de-odorization,…)

    As far as reported, the cheapest cost is around $70 (most of the carpet cleaning service will call this is the minimal order cost, meaning that they only provide the service providing that we make the order from this value to above it.) They could offer the price based on either per room rate or per square footage rate.

   Price per room rate

   Several companies charge a flat-rate for cleaning every room in your apartment, regardless the room size, or carpet types. Such carpet cleaning companies give us an easy estimation for the total cost in general, yet if your apartment has many small rooms, this will turn the price on escalation. Besides, they also have a limit square footage for flat-rate room. Therefore, on the contrary, if you have only a huge room that exceeds their limit, they will calculate as two rooms instead.

   Price per footage

   The other carpet cleaning companies will charge the cleaning service based on apartment’s area. On average, they may charge 0.20 cents per sq/ft up to 0.40 cents per sq/ft. Apart from the quoting price, we sometimes have to pay them extra fee for travel and materials expenses if our apartment is smaller the minimal order cost.

   To avoid over-charging from carpet cleaning services, you should remember these average estimations to get a right deal

  • Home between 2000- 3000 sq/ft: $400-$500
  • Home between 1000-2000 sq/ft: $200-$300
  • Home between 200-400 sq/ft: $70-$150

(data from the website

How the carpet cleaning services treat our carpets – the cleaning methods

commercial carpet cleaning service nyc,;

  There are two popular cleaning procedures that are used by carpet cleaning services, the steam cleaning method (or called hot-water extraction method) and the dry cleaning (or low moisture method). Although there is a continuously debate about which method is better, steam cleaning method is still employed by most of carpet cleaning companies on the market.

   Steam cleaning

   Steam cleaning is a misleading term because there is actually no steam vapor during the cleaning circle. Rather, the method utilizes hot water and cleaning detergent in a scrubbing carpet cleaner to loosen, remove and extract the dirty water from our carpet. With more than 60 years since being used, this is the most universal cleaning procedure, using by a lot of famous cleaning services nationwide like Coit, Stanley Steamer, USA Clean Master and so on. The controversy indicate steam cleaning method will leave a lot of residual water on the carpet (only ½ up to ¾ the water is suck out of the carpet), creating a long drying time. In addition, the steam cleaning method can’t recover the dirty water once it is penetrated to the padding, and this is where the spots, stains re-appears on the carpet after drying. Seriously, they claim that   longer drying time will cause mold and mildew developments, eventually steam cleaning will cause more troubles than it advantages. However, steam cleaning is the only choice if you want your carpet cleaned thoroughly.

   Dry cleaning

   Dry cleaning method on the contrary, uses a low water quantity profile with specific chemicals to work and vacuum immediately the carpet, resulting in a faster drying time. However, this method can’t treat the spots, stains on the carpet effectively, because the cleaning process mainly occurs on the surface, not deep down at the carpet foundation. Therefore, a spot cleaning pre-treatment is mostly required, and this is hidden in the extra-cost. The advantage is that, dry cleaning allows us to walk on the carpet almost immediately.

Carpet types

   The carpet’s fibers, woven styles, color dyeing and a lot of factors will contribute to the difficulties of carpet cleaning. Several carpets are easier to clean, others require exclusive treatments. Based on the carpet type, the cleaning service will possibly charge us differently.

   Oriental carpet: this type of carpet requires a series of testing color run-up, rinsing, cleaning, rinsing, drying…that the carpet cleaning service charge us the most.

   Wool based carpet, cotton and other natural fibers based carpet: are also difficult to clean by regular cleaning procedure. For example, the wool is covered by lanolin, a kind of wool grease that gives the carpet natural waterproofing, soft and smooth characteristics. Hot water extraction method will wash off the wool lanolin and damage your carpet completely.

   Cut and looping carpet: these types of carpets will embed the soil, stains deeply in the fibers therefore intensive cleaning procedure is also involved. However, compared with oriental carpet and wool carpet, this type of carpet is mostly made by durable synthetic materials (such as, nylon, olefin, smartstrands and others), therefore, they are a wide array of cleaning processes and chemicals could be used, make it easier to clean off the dirt.

   Berber: the easiest carpet type to clean off ( This type of carpet is mostly made from synthetic fibers with loose looping; regular cleaning procedure could effortlessly pick up the dirt and stains. If this is your carpet type, should you ask for the cleaning service a better price.

Extra-cleaning tasks

   Stain removal cost

    Professional carpet cleaning services always split the carpet cleaning task with stain removing task separately. Therefore, stain removal by the services will add up to the total cleaning cost shockingly. This is mostly seen as the sale-point of them because they could charge us at the more expensive rate than total cleaning. The cost for professional stain removal is also much fluctuated, which is due to the stain’s nature, stain’s quantities and stain’s area. You might expect that light stains such as juice stains will cost you less than pet urine and vomits stains. There are two things that you should consider about this.

   First, if you go with professional stain removal service, you should ask them to quote accordingly by visiting your place and give the official quotation. Ask them to split the stain removal cost apart from total cleaning cost to see how the final price is calculated.

   Second, if the stain removing cost is too expensive, you could DIY to cleaning the stains yourself. Spending a bit cleaning time to save hundred dollars is worthy to consider. Actually, stain removal is not as hard as you might think of. Here are the tips that millions of home owners have tried to eradicate the carpet stains successfully. You could give it a try (check this article for a detail stain cleaning procedure)

   Other residential cleaning services cost

    A lot of professional carpet-cleaning services have a handy list of other cleaning services, which would be beneficial for entire house cleaning demands.

  • Area rugs cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Hardwood cleaning
  • RV, auto interior and boat cleaning
  • Curtains and air ducts cleaning

How to choose a professional carpet cleaning service

   Spending hundreds of dollars and getting a bad cleaning service will be an awkward experience. There are hundreds of local carpet cleaning companies that advertise massively, but whether their service is worthy with your money is still unclear. In order to get a prolific service order, you should balance between the service costs with the cleaning qualities. The cheapest service may not clean well or could risk your carpet at the end and we do not need to get a well branded service with expensive quotation.

   Therefore, here is a little bit of suggestion for you to investigate and figure out the most suitable cleaning service for your needs.

   First, please spend 5 minutes on top 5 factors that you could use to judge a commercial cleaning service. There is a spreadsheet that you could use immediately to evaluate the services right away (check this article for detail: Top five things you need to look in a commercial carpet cleaning).

   Second, look around at least 7-10 professional carpet-cleaning services in your city, browsing around their website to get more information. Narrow down to about 4 services that fit your requirements.

   Third, spend a bit time to study how the users review their service. There are a lot of websites, like will give you the overall feedback of experience users on their service quality, price, friendliness and others.

   Four, after narrowing down to 2-3 services, you could ask them to give a quote either online or an appointment. Then, consider their quoting with the service quality and choose the best one based on your demands.

Is professional carpet cleaning service worthy for you

   After spending a few days of the investigation, you are likely to have a decision, either renting your preferred service, or thinking of DIY carpet cleaning. The first option will save you your time, energy and mostly guarantee an outstanding cleaning results but will cost you hundred dollars for each cleaning order. In the second option, you might have to deal with several issues such as the cleaning time, the labor work and the unparalleled cleaning result, but it is possible to overcome all to get your carpet clean-up and save a lot of money.

Carpet cleaning service discount

   There are seasonal discounts that you could ask directly your service provider to get the better deal. Several types of discount includes: detergent coupons, free room cleaning (limited to some conditions), upholstery cleaning, reduction for second-time cleaning, etc…Just ask them in advance to save hundreds of dollars for cleaning expense.

DIY carpet cleaning

   Personal carpet cleaning may have some drawbacks. Indicated by some users, you are likely to find some troubles in:

Spend too much time

   There will be the possibilities that you spend tremendous time on carpet cleaning due to lacking of well understanding about cleaning carpet procedure, renting a wrong carpet cleaner (small cleaning path width for instance), confusing to pre-treat the stains properly, longer drying time and so on.

   To resolve this issue, you should firstly

  • Check the carpet cleaning procedure to know the crucial steps and to do cleaning without any hassle
  • Reading some reviews about professional carpet cleaners. There are certain carpet cleaners that work well on home carpets such as Rug Doctor Standard Carpet Cleaner, Bissell Big Green or Hoover Max Extract 77 multi-surface. These machines are typically available at any rental services.
  • If you have to deal with stains and spots, read some methods of stains removal (this could be achieved by either commercial solutions or DIY solutions too, check this article: Remove top carpet stains).
  • Remember to rinse off the carpet after cleaning to remove residual chemicals and extract more water out of the carpet.


   Over-wetting is a circumstance that your carpet is dampened by excessive water that could not be removed properly. Berber carpet, for example, is more likely to be over-wet due to the carpet cut pile nature. The carpet cleaners with low suction ability can also a cause of this situation. To avoid over wetting you should

   Choose the carpet cleaner with great motor power. The greater the motor, the better the suction ability it will have. In case your carpet is Berber type or Saxony type, you should better clean it with a specific method.

Machine usability

    Renting a professional carpet cleaner with a lot of public compliments but you can’t handle it is a common case that has been witnessed. This is because each carpet cleaner is designed with different parameters, designs, brushing systems and so on, using the carpet cleaner should therefore somehow be different too. For example, some carpet cleaners require manual pushing force on the top to keep it intact with the carpet, creating more suction power whilst some others require us to let it move freely. Checking the using tips is one of the best ways for new users to run the machine effectively.

Carpet cleaning procedure for DIY

Test color-running level of you carpet

  oriental rug cleaning As you might know, some rugs and carpets are dyed with natural colors originating from plants, insects, minerals,…, which could be washed away by oxidative detergent. Unless you know your carpet’s fiber type is artificial (nylon, PP, smartstrands,…), checking color fasten level is required to keep your carpet safe.

  • Choose a hidden area of your carpet, apply a little bit of cleaning solution on it, then put a white towel on the carpet and put a hard stuff over the towel for a few hours.
  • Check the towel to see if your carpet color is stuck on the towel or not.

Spot and stain cleaning

  • If you carpet have several spots on it, you might need to do pre-treatment.
  • Commercial solutions for different types of stains are available. You can grab them in any supermarket to accelerate spot cleaning process. If you are about to do spot cleaning solutions, here are several tips for removing the spots on carpets.

Article: Remove top carpet stains

Vacuum the entire carpet

   To boost up carpet cleaning, vacuum the carpet will remove excessive dirt and dust trapped in the carpet, which eventually let you clean the carpet with lesser cleaning solution and shortening the total cleaning time.

Carpet cleaning with commercial carpet cleaner

   Now is time for you to use the commercial carpet cleaner on your carpet. Pouring the water and detergent into the reservoir and plug it in, starts to clean the carpet as a single pass on the same direction with the pile. This is very important. Even your carpet is very dirty; you must not clean it with more than one pass per cleaning time. The reason is when you do multiple cleaning passes, the dirt will be pushed down to the carpet foundation and it is therefore harder to remove. Wait for your carpet to dry before the second cleaning, if your carpet needs to be washed again.

There are a few notices during your cleaning process

  • When you wash the carpet, overlapping the 2nd pass with the 1st pass about 2 centimeters.
  • Some carpets can’t stand with hot water extraction (for example: wool carpet). If your carpet can be washed with hot water, always use hot water for washing because it is more effective to remove the dirt than cool water.
  • Check the using tips of the carpet cleaner (which is available in this site’s review article) to gain more information on how to use the machine perfectly.


 Professional cleaning service cost is quite varied, the typical cleaning cost is about $120-$236.

A lot of factors will play around the total cost, such as carpet types, additional cleaning tasks, color restoration and so on. Ask the service to quote clearly on each item and then determine yourself which item could be done manually to cut down the cleaning cost.

DIY carpet cleaning is possible. With a bit of preparation, you can clean your e carpets perfectly as professionals and save hundreds of dollars for more worthy items.

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