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Bissell vs Hoover Carpet Cleaners

bissell vs hoover carpet cleaners

A battle between two of the largest brands within the carpet cleaning industry Bissell & Hoover. Find out what happens when they go head to head in this battle of performance, customer satisfaction & price – let’s see who wins!


Last Updated: January 2017

First let’s set the scene in this comparison of Bissell & Hoover we’re going to be focusing on analysing upright carpet cleaners only. The reason we’re doing this is simply because Bissell completely dominate the portable carpet cleaner market as well as the professional grade market.

If you are looking for a portable carpet cleaner or a professional grade carpet cleaner then you can read our buyers guide – Bissell is definitely the winner for those sectors. With that being said do not quickly conclude that if Bissell dominate those two markets then they surely dominate the upright carpet cleaner market as it’s not as clear cut as one might expect.

Within the deep clean upright carpet cleaner market both brands have led the way for innovation and have produced fantastic carpet cleaners, some of which are targeted towards individual niche market needs such as the Bissell ProHeat 2X which is targeted towards pet owners.

In this buyers guide we will compare Bissell & Hoover, providing a side by side comparison of their most popular, best performing carpet cleaners and we will conclude by announcing the winner of the Bissell vs Hoover carpet cleaner war.

Bissell VS. Hoover: Best Carpet Cleaners 2016

First though, let’s start with what options are out there:

Brand & Model
Owner Rating
5 Star Rating
Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe
8.8 (4,442+ reviews)
Check Price
Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner
9.2 (70+ reviews)
Check Price
Hoover Surge Carpet Cleaner
8.4 (7,500+ reviews)
Check Price
Hoover Max Extractor
8.2 (1,500+ reviews)
Check Price
Bissell 3624 SpotClean
8.8 (1,776+ reviews)
Check Price
Bissell Big Green
9.6 (1,865+ reviews)
Check Price
Bissell 47A23 Proheat 2x
9.0 (183+ reviews)
Check Price

Bissell vs Hoover

Side by Side Comparisons


Below you will find a comparison of both brands performance, customer satisfaction and price – all of our information has been written based on the data we have collected from verified consumers across a variety of the largest online retailers.

Cleaning performance

Both brands offer powerful cleaning performance, they both have their own trademarked technology incorporated within to their carpet cleaning machines which help to improve the overall performance.

Hoover’s Spinscrub Technology

Featured in the majority of Hoover’s carpet cleaners is a technology which incorporates a multiple brush system that provides 360 degree cleaning with counter rotating brushes that spin for constant carpet contact.

This technology is featured in two of Hoover’s best selling carpet cleaners:

Bissell’s Edgesweep & Surround Suction Technology

Featured in Bissell’s ProHeat 2X product line, the Edgesweep technology allows users to reach even the hardest of areas and with dual rotating power brushes it helps to loosen and remove dirt which is deep down within the carpet. As for the surround suction, this spreads the powerful suction across the entire surface and doesn’t just focus it on one small area.

This technology is featured in Bissell’s ProHeat 2X carpet cleaners:

Both Hoover & Bissell provide top-of-the-line brush systems with Hoover’s SpinScrub technology & Bissell’s DirtLifter technology it’s extremely difficult to choose between the two based on performance alone.

Detergent Formulas

We know that the detergent that is mixed with water has a big impact on the performance of the carpet cleaner it’s self and both brands have their own uniquely developed detergent which has been designed and developed to work exclusively with their own carpet cleaner machines. Typically, each carpet cleaner comes with a trial sized bottle of the brands own detergent amongst a variety of other accessories for various cleaning situations.

After reviewing all of the verified consumer feedback based on cleaning performance alone, the majority of consumers were extremely satisfied with their chosen carpet cleaners. As you can see from the graph above, two carpet cleaners from both brands stand out amongst the crowd, these are the Hoover Power Scrub (currently the bestseller on Amazon) & the Bissell ProHeat 2x Premier.



Unlike the professional grade carpet cleaners Bissell’s more affordable upright carpet cleaners generally lack the power that their opponent has. That is why it is absolutely critical if you are leaning towards a Bissell carpet cleaner to only select models which include built-in heaters as these machines operate with 12 amp motors, similar to that of Hoover’s carpet cleaners. For Bissell the ProHeat 2X is the ideal choice.

When looking at Hoover’s carpet cleaners, the majority support a significantly larger motor with their bestselling model, the Power Scrub Deluxe housing a 10 amp motor. If you compare this to other models on Bissell’s produce line such as the Deepclean 17N4 which only has a 6.2amp motor or the ProHeat Essential which has a measly 6amp motor you will soon realise the vast array of choices you thought you had begin to dwindle to only a handful of realistic options.

Heating technology

Both Bissell & Hoover include their own trademarked heating technology, Hoover incorporates a DualV Nozzle & Dual Tank Technology which creates more efficient cleaning and forces heat down towards the surface which helps to increase the drying time.

As mentioned before, Bissell have HeatWave technology which helps to maintain water temperature and their ProHeat 2X models have the 12amp motor which creates a far more powerful suction to remove dirty water more efficiently and effectively than that of the majority of other carpet cleaners at this level.

Brushing technology

It goes without saying that the way the brush system has been designed, the speed, the type of brushes, amount of brushes, angles and so on so fourth are absolutely critical to the effectiveness of any carpet cleaner. With this being said let’s discuss the types of brush technology Bissell & Hoover use.

Bissell have three sizes of brush systems; 6″ row width, 10″ row width & 12″ row width. Comparatively, Hoover use wider brush ranges from 11.25 inches to 13 inches. The wider the brushing surface the fewer cleaning strokes. As a rule of thumb, it is better to choose a machine with a brush width of at least 10 inches to help keep your cleaning efficient.

Additionally, the design of the brushes plays an important role in the effectiveness and the efficiency of the cleaning. Both Bissell & Hoover have implemented spinning brushes, these constantly rotate and interact with the carpet fibers, whilst providing a thorough, deep clean.

Bissell’s ProHeat 2x has a low profile foot combined with 12 rows of dual power brushes which help remove the thickest, deepest dirt and stains from any carpet. Hoover’s Max Extract product line take a 12amp motor combined with a widepath nozzle and the SpinScrub Technology to generate a very powerful, incredibly effective suction which removes dirt at any angle.

View the Bissell ProHeat 2x Features

View the Hoover Max Extract Features

Water Tank Design & Size


The design and size of a carper cleaner’s water tank is important during cleaning as it can help to reduce the amount of time you need to fill the water tank. For many years the standard size for water tanks has been a 1 gallon sized unit. However, since 2013 when Bissell introduced the DeepClean range, 1.25 gallon has become the standard for most carpet cleaning machines.

The size of the water tank when comparing Hoover & Bissell doesn’t differ too much – most Hoover carpet cleaners feature a 1 – 1.25 gallon sized tank, such as the Max Extractor and the Power Scrub Deluxe. Bissell generally go with the 1.25 gallon tanks as we discussed above.

Now, where Bissell & Hoover differ is that the majority of Hoover’s carpet cleaners are designed with a dual tank system which separates the clean water in to one partition and the dirty water which has been removed from the carpet in another partition. Whilst this makes cleaning a lot more efficient many users have complained that because of this the size of the clean water tank has been rapidly reduced meaning if you are cleaning a large surface area you will need to re-fill the water tank multiple times.

The majority of Bissell’s upright carpet cleaners feature a single tank design which has a bladder to separate the clean and dirty water. However, Bissell decided to introduce a dual tank solution in to one of it’s latest and most successful upright cleaners, the ProHeat 2x which has been received by users with fantastic feedback. To be honest though, whilst dual talk systems are slightly easier to clean and re-fill, the single tank bladder solution is not that bad and Bissell give you a choice.

If you are looking for a single tank solution then the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe is a great choice – if you are looking for a dual tank solution then either the ProHeat 2x or the Power Scrub Deluxe are excellent choices.

Click here for single tank carpet cleaners

Click here for dual tank carpet cleaners

Machine Lifespan vs Warranty

Paying hundred bucks for a cleaning machine, users expected the carpet cleaning performed stably in long time. Both Bissell and Hoover machines can operate in years without defective errors. However, it is inevitable that there will be a portion of machine that won’t satisfy the product standards during manufacturing. For most of production business, this ratio is under 4% and the products must be removed out of the production line before sending to selling outlets. For both Bissell and Hoover, it is witnessed a proportion of buyers experienced failure machines in the very first year, which was concentrated mostly on cheap, ready to use product line, such as SteamVac line of Hoover and Readclean line of Bissell. A rough estimation from Amazon customer feedback showed that these cheap line encountered defective failure about 10%, reported by customers. These errors mostly are broken parts, leaking tanks, weak suction abilities and dysfunctional brushing systems.

Following this problems, I saw the customer services of Bissell is somehow better than Hoover in my opinion. First of all, there are very reactive to support the customers in a faster manner and buyers feel appreciated for their first attempt. Secondly, Bissell seems to provide more measures to solve the issues to satisfy their customers in a short time. Finally, the warranty time for the product from Bissell is far more than Hoover generally. This is maybe one of the reasons why many people are faithful to Bissell brand, even their products are priced higher than others in the business.

 Up to this point, I would highly recommend to choose the top products that have been featured. They are better in functionality and encountered less defects. Getting a carpet shampooer with 50 bucks higher give us the confidence in machine performance and machine longevity, it is a lucrative options in long terms. But if you insist to choose a more affordable one, please research carefully and there may be a lucky factor involved that we have to compromise. Therefore I would not recommend choosing any out of the reviewed list, which was researched deeply to give you the best machine in the market so far.

Carpet Cleaner Design

 It is understandable that some people bear in their mind that a bigger machine will perform better in operation; however some people would prefer the slimmer, elegant designs that fit with their styles. To cater for this psychological thought, Hoover has slim, lightweight models (such as Steam Vac and Power Scrub) as well as heavier model (Max Extract). On the other hand, except for the newest design proheat 2x, Bissell mostly offers a bigger machine design which makes users to feel the product more stable and worthier to purchase, in a parallel comparison with Hoover carpet cleaning machine design.


Pricing strategy of Bissell and Hoover are more likely the same, but Bissell tend to price the products higher than their counterparts.

Specifically, both suppliers have managed to cover a wide range of customers, from the infrequent cleaning demands to excessively deep clean demands, from the cost-conscious customer to the machine-functionality targeted buyers. They segmented their products in 3 clear groups: affordable buying group, cost-feature balanced buying group and feature aimed buying group.

However, when we compared these product lines from 2 suppliers side by side, it is clearly seen that Bissell often prices their products 20-100 bucks higher than Hoover and give the customers a bigger selling package. That includes longer warranty time, Bissell best cleaning formulas for pet stains and odors and some extra tools. It is noticed that their warranty condition is much longer but users must purchase their cleaning products to use along with the carpet cleaners, otherwise the warranty condition is violated and voided as a consequence. I personally believe this is also a pricing strategy from Bissell to sell more supplementary products which contributes greatly to their revenue. Longer warranty time with that condition; we must buy their products which will cost us hundred of bucks during the using time.


To summarise what has been quite an epic battle between Bissell & Hoover, they both offer high quality, high performance upright carpet cleaners at very similar price tags. When we restrict ourselves to only the best of the best when it comes to both brands it becomes a question of only a handful of choices:

If you are looking for a general use upright carpet cleaner at an affordable price that will offer excellent performance then I’d recommend the Power Scrub Deluxe as the ProHeat 2X is slightly more expensive and the extra cost is hard to justify.

View the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner mainly for managing those pet stains then I’d recommend the Bissell ProHeat 2x revolution, whilst it’s slightly more than the Power Scrub Deluxe it does offer the accessories that pet owners will find incredibly valuable.

View the Bissell ProHeat 2x Carpet Cleaner

To conclude then I think it’s safe to say that Hoover has won this market – for general use, affordable upright carpet cleaners. However, I say again if you are looking for portable or professional grade carpet cleaner’s then Bissell is definitely one of the best brands in that market.

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