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Bissell Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner 33N8A Review

Bissell Spotbot Carpet Cleaner Review

Last Updated: January 2017

The Bissell Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner 33N8A does the cleaning for you with it’s handsfree cycles, allowing you to set it and forget it whilst it removes all of those stubborn stains. Simply select the the type of stain and walkaway whilst the SpotBot does the work for you.

An automatic, handsfree solution to stubborn stains: Bissell Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner 33N8A ReviewBissell Spotbot 33N8A Review

The Bissell SpotBot portable carpet cleaner takes advantage of several preset cycles that automatically spray, brush and remove tough pet stains and odors. With the Deep Reach Technology, the SpotBot is able to reach deep into carpet fibers and with it’s unique spiral brushing it can easily lift dirt and stains from deep within your carpet.

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Features & Benefits

Automatic spot cleaning function

Bissell spot bot carpet cleanerThe Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner 33N8A was programmed with different cleaning cycles that will run automatically. Users just only need to set the machine over the spot or the stain, then choosing the suitable cleaning cycle and the machine will do spraying, brushing, removing the stain it owns. Different regimen for simple spot and tough stain are already set for users too. On the machine there are five buttons: PAUSE/RESUME button, STOP button, SURFACE STAIN button, SET-IN STAIN button and HOSE button so that users just only need to choose the preferred cleaning mode with ease.

Deep reach technology for thoroughly removal of deep stains

Bissell has trademarked the so-called “Deep Reach Technology” for this Spotbot, emphasizing the Spotbot could remove old stains embedded in the carpet. This technology, combined with 2 counter-rotating brushing systems (4,000 rpm) and 3 amperes motor enables the Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner 33N8A to extract the tough stains out of the carpet.

Light weight and easy to carry around

The machine is only 14 pounds; it is designed with a handle at the top for carrying all the way. Users (especially female) mostly want a light portable carpet cleaner and with 14 pound weight, this Spotbot is considerably light.

Twin brushes create big cleaning zoneBissell Spotbot Review

Two counter rotating brushes create a cleaning circle with 7 inches in diameter, allowing the machine to treat bigger stains faster.

Dual water tank

The Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner 33N8A has two separate water tanks for dirty water and fresh water. However, the water tank capacity is only 32 oz, which is quite small compared with others.

Moderate hose length/ cord length

 Five ft. hose and 16 ft. cord allow users to carry the machine in a moderate cleaning space.


 One year limited.

First, cleaning performance results

The Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner 33N8A works effectively on small spots and stains. With new spots on theBissell Spotbot Carpet Machine Review carpet surface, the machine will only need a 3-minute-cleaning cycle to remove them completely. With old spots, the cleaning cycle will take double time, and sometimes users must repeat cleaning to gain the utmost cleaning results. There is a remarkable comment that the Spotbot could out-perform certain rental steamed carpet cleaners. Generally, it is effective on automatic spots removal; it is a good choice for pet owners or couples with small kids at home.

Second, the machine is easy to use

Like any portable carpet cleaner, this machine is fully assembled and users could use it right away even they do not read the instruction. Cleaning the machine is quite simple. The brush and water tank could be rinsed thoroughly in a few minutes.

Compared with Bissell’ top selling model: Bissell SpotClean Professional 3624

Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner 33N8A has lesser suction power. Noticeably, SpotClean Professional 3624 uses 5.7 amps motor and the Spotbot use 3 amps motor. Therefore, users saw a “clear difference” that whilst the SpotClean Professional 3624 could suck up to 7/10 spraying water, the Spotbot will leave a “dampened carpet phenomenon” when using automatic cleaning function. As a result, it would take longer time for the carpet to dry completely. To overcome this trouble, users of Spotbot could try to suck up remained water by the hose.

Water tank capacity is also an issue. The Spotbot’s water tank size is only about ½ of the Spotclean cleaner. Users commented that each water filling time, they could only clean 2-3 spots, and then they have to replace the clean water. In terms of productivity, Spotclean carpet cleaner will have much time during cleaning process.

Both of two models have the same noise level while operating. Noise could be a problem to some users but nothing to others. Just check to ensure the noise level of Spotbot is fine with your threshold.

Maintenance is costly, said by some users. In order to clean the spots and stains as desired, the Spotbot requires professional cleaning formula from Bissell. Additionally, with the same cleaning formula volume the machine could only clean fewer spots than Spotclean cleaner. As a result, the accumulative money spending for the formula could be very high in long terms.

Price is also a considerable thing. Both 2 models are priced at the same line. Therefore, users sometimes felt that Spotclean is over-priced, compared with new SpotClean model. Personally I think that the production cost for 2 models is more or less similar, and Bissell would like to have similar profit margin of 2 models that is why they are currently price at the same level.

In a nutshell, the SpotClean Professional 3624 model has certain strength compared with the Spotpot, yet Spotbot is the only portable carpet cleaner that could run automatically, efficiently on spot treatment. This is a great value for those require decent carpet cleaning performance with lesser workmanship.

Other considerations

The Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner 33N8A does not have a heating feature. Users always boil water beforehand to improve cleaning performance.

Moreover, the machine is specialized in spot treatment. Full carpet cleaning requires a more heavy duty machine. You could check regular carpet cleaners and commercial carpet cleaners instead of this model.

Last but not least, you could look up the machine in retail stores to see if they have promotion offer. Several users claimed that they could buy the machine at local stores at a cheaper price, compared with Please check around your neighbor if you could have this lucky option.

Customer cleaning tips

As a usual remind, this unit is designed for spots and stains cleaning, not for a full house cleaning.  Users should only buy the unit if they do not need heavy-duty or spacious cleaning machine.

Usually, users always boil water to facilitate cleaning, as this model lacks water heating function.

Many people recommend using less detergent than Bissell’s recommendation. The cleaning result is still nice though.

After letting the machine work automatically, it is a clever trick that you should use the hose tool for excess water removal. This will let your carpet dry faster.

The hose is where the mold, fibers and bacteria could co-exist, creating a very nasty smell. To avoid this issue, users employ warm water and bleach mixture to rinse, soak it 3-4 times thoroughly. Cleaning hose one per month will absolutely remove sticking bacteria and microfibers.


 Whether Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner 33N8A is a suitable model you are looking for? Well, if you prefer to have a small spot cleaner which could do the cleaning job it own, this is the exact model that could give such comfort. However, if you are more conscious on cleaning efficiencies, perhaps you should check the Spotbot 3368A.

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