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Bissell Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner 33N8A Review

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Last Updated: January 2018

You can discern most of what you need to know about this machine from its name. It’s from Bissell and so right away you know it’s a great performer. Bissell is well known for creating carpet cleaners with a stellar performance, and this one isn’t any different.

At the same time, you know that this is a spot cleaner. What does that mean? It means that you’re getting a device that isn’t designed to be pushed and pulled around an entire carpet in the living room or dining room but rather is intended to be carried around and then used on specific spots within your home wherever you might find a stain, a mark or some other kind of problem. That makes it ideal if you’re the owner of a small home, or you have pets, and occasionally you’re left with a stain that you’d rather remove.

And the word ‘pet’ can be read in two ways. Either, you might see it as describing a device that is particularly well suited to these kinds of pet stains, or you might see it as being a device that is almost like a pet in itself; this unit is small, compact and definitely fairly cutesy which will be appealing to many people.

The Bissell Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner 33N8A does the cleaning for you with its handsfree cycles, allowing you to set it and forget it whilst it removes all of those stubborn stains. Simply select the type of stain and walk away whilst the SpotBot does the work for you.

An automatic, handsfree solution to stubborn stains: Bissell Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner 33N8A ReviewBissell Spotbot 33N8A Review

The Bissell SpotBot portable carpet cleaner takes advantage of several preset cycles that automatically spray, brush and remove tough pet stains and odors. With the Deep Reach Technology, the SpotBot is able to reach deep into carpet fibers and with it’s unique spiral brushing it can easily lift dirt and stains from deep within your carpet.


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Despite being small, light and round, this Bissell performs rather well. A spiraling brush action helps give this the edge over some competing products and can spin over 400 revolutions when tackling stains to make a big difference.

The device is also designed to try and prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This is thanks to the inclusion of ‘Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection’ – though unfortunately there’s not a lot of explanation as to how this might work. However it works, it claims that it can remove up to 99% of odor-causing bacteria.

The consensus is that this is a great product if you want to get rid of fresh spots and not so well suited to old stains.


This is a gadget that has been designed with practicality and ease of use in mind. That’s evident right from the start thanks to what the company calls ‘frustration free packaging.’ You’ll be able to get inside at your cleaner in no time, and it will then be ready to set up and go almost right away.

But this is where the other title comes into play. This claims to be a ‘hands-free’ device – so what exactly does that entail? Simply, it means that you can press a single button and then walk away to leave the unit to do its work. It will then work away at the same spot to provide a very deep clean.

The unit is safe for almost all types of carpet and rug which are very handy, and it’s also fairly light at just 14.1lbs. The cord is not the longest at 16ft, but it will do the job for most people.

Filling the tank is also relatively useful as there are simple openings you can use to fill through. The only downside is that these openings aren’t big enough to give the insides a proper scrub – which means you might have some build-up of grime over time.

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As is often the case with carpet cleaners and spot cleaners, this gadget comes with a small selection of attachments. There’s a handheld brush which is ideal if you need to really work at a tough spot and there’s also the usual nozzle attachment which you can use to reach into corners, to clean the stairs and more.

Warranty & Support

This particular Bissell comes with only a 1-year limited warranty. However, you might want to check your rights on that as two years are legally required!


Overall, this is a great carpet cleaner for removing tough spots and new stains. The ‘hands-free’ feature is great if you’re a busy Mum but you might want something a little more heavy duty if you plan on cleaning your entire carpet. That said, the brushes and the water extraction mean this is a little better than some similar ‘cheap and cheerful’ options.

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