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Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Review

bissell little green proheat review

Last Updated: January 2018bissell little green carpet cleaner picture

The Little Green ProHeat carpet cleaner from Bissell is a cute looking device that looks as though it wouldn’t be out of place on a kids’ TV show. This is a dome-shaped, translucent green cleaner that has a flex and tool and can be lifted easily with a single handle on the top. It’s also surprisingly narrow and thin enough to stack quite easily. And like Henry Hoovers, it has a somewhat anthropomorphic feel… You could almost get attached to the device.

Matching the cute looks is a relatively small price tag which makes this an appealing option for those looking for something less industrial that won’t break the bank. Making it even more charming is the fact that this cleaner is made from 50% or more recycled plastics!

But can you get much performance for such a budget and compact unit? Let’s take a closer look at this model…

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The Bissell Little Green ProHeat wears its small, compact and budget nature on its sleeve and it really does perform similarly to what you might expect. This is not the most powerful cleaner on the market and it’s not something you’re likely to use for cleaning very large areas on a regular basis. There are no wheels and there’s no large handle for pushing and pulling – this is something you carry and use for spot cleaning with the nozzle attachment.

In reality, you’re not getting the full ‘deep clean carpet cleaner’ that you might expect from a professional grade model. Instead, this is a simplified product that works by heating up tap water straight out of the tap – up to 25 degrees hotter. You then use the power of that heat in order to remove stains and grime and break it up. It’s also possible to fill the tank with some water and have it warm itself automatically when plugged in.

The tools work with carpet cleaner detergents and include a suction and a spray functionality just like other carpet cleaners. Don’t expect the powerful brushes seen on bigger units though and don’t expect the same power of suction that you would get if you were spending a bit more.

It claims to be ideal for pet stains, spills, and set-in stains.


While this might not be the top-of-class for its performance, you can’t criticize the highly impressive convenience on display here. This is a very portable device and weighs less than 14lbs. It’s very small and easy to store at 8.2 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches and it can easily be carried with its handle. The narrow design also means it can be easily stashed in a cupboard or elsewhere.

This is ideal for carrying over to the car if you can reach a power socket, or for cleaning the couch. However, it is strictly a hand tool, and this is where you start to see limitations; this is not a good choice if you want to quickly clean your entire living room or dining room.


In the box, you get a small bottle of cleaner, so you’re ready to start playing with your new toy right away. You also get a large brush attachment and a small brush attachment. This is a fairly standard selection of accessories, but it’s a welcome inclusion for such an affordable product.

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The product comes with the regular manufacturer warranty.

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Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Review
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Overall, this is a fantastic product if it’s portability and convenience that you’re looking for. Not only is this something you can easily carry to the car or up the stairs but it’s light, thin and easy to store. It’s also a perfect choice if you have a smaller budget. This makes it perfect for young professionals, for small families or the elderly.

On the other hand, though, this is not the product for you if you need something more powerful and professional or if you want to wash very large areas of your carpet. Use this for small spaces, for tackling particular stains or to dip your toes into the world of carpet cleaners. But in all likelihood, you’ll want an upgrade if you’re moving into a larger home.

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