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Bissell 47A23 ProHeat 2x Review

bissell 47A23 ProHeat 2X Review

Last Updated: January 2018Bissell 47A23 ProHeat 2x Review

This full-size carpet cleaner strikes an imposing figure. This is a large device that comes in blue and has an almost triangular appearance. What this design allows, though, is a highly professional and efficient clean that is nevertheless packaged in an affordable and convenient package.

Specifically, you’re getting a carpet cleaner that comes with a large capacity 2-in-1 tank and a great performance unit but one that is convenient enough to push around your living room and to lift up onto the stairs or use with attachments.

Like any carpet cleaner, this is a great option if you want to save money on carpet cleaning services while keeping your home looking newer and protecting your family’s health.

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PerformanceBissell 47A23 ProHeat 2x Review Carpet Cleaner machine

Bissell is well known for making particularly powerful and effective carpet cleaners. We can attest to the power of the suction on this unit, as well as the efficiency of the brushes which us ‘Surround Suction’ to help pick up dirt and grime from every angle. The brushes are arranged to provide ten separate rows of cleaning, which means that in most cases this will provide a ‘once over’ clean – no need to keep going back to the same area.

Also useful is the heatwave technology. This keeps the water at a constantly high temperature, which makes it all the more effective at breaking up dirt and lifting mess from the carpet. Overall, the product description promises to offer the ‘feeling of freshly cleaned carpet between your toes.’


This machine is more about performance than convenience, though it is surprisingly portable and usable when you take its power into account. At 30.1 pounds, this isn’t a particularly light machine and especially not once you’ve filled up those extra-large tanks. That means you’ll need to use a little extra heft to push the cleaner around, and it means that you’ll not want to use this one if you’re elderly or in any way disabled.

Bissell 47A23 ProHeatThose big tanks are useful for other things, though. For instance, the fact that it is so large means that you can avoid making multiple trips to the sink and thereby clean a larger area in less time. This tank is designed so that dirty water flows around the outside of the clean water bladder. This is a clever design, as while you spray the clean water, this creates more space for the dirty water to fill up around the outside. This allows you to fit more in, and it also means you only need to take one tank to the sink rather than two.

Assembly is also easy, though it’s not fully ready out of the box – assembly takes approximately 3 minutes.


This machine doesn’t come with any particular extra tools or accessories but does provide the usual tool for reaching into corners and cleaning stairs, upholstery, etc. Unlike some alternative models, it is not advertised that you get the company’s brand of carpet cleaner with the product – however, it is very easy to find online and in stores.

Warranty & Support

This unit comes with a 3-year limited warranty and regular support. This is fairly good compared to some of the other cheaper products from Bissell that tend to offer a 1-year warranty. That said, you can upgrade the warranty for more support if needed.

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